Push Button Safety Coupler Display Sales Sample

Display Sales Sample
Display Sales Sample
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The display sample is great for demonstrating the great features of the Push Button Safety Coupler. You can simply leave it on the sales counter for customers to try while they are in your place of business. It is also perfect for a salesman to demonstrate in the field while they are on a sales call. The sample comes complete with a Push Button Safety Coupler on one end and a plug on the other end of the 24" hose.

Please select the type of coupler and plug type from the drop down menu.

Push Button Safety Coupler Display Sample
Length Sale
PBSS-Industrial Industrial 24" 17.99
PBSS-Automotive Automotive 24" 17.99
PBSS-ARO ARO 24" 17.99
PBSS-HiFlow HiFlow 24" 17.99

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