Brass Push-To Connect Fittings: Banjo Swivel

Brass Push-To Connect Fittings: Banjo Swivel
Item# 99PCS
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Most fitting manufacturer's are moving toward nickel plating their brass push-to-connect fittings. Nickel plated brass is just that…it is regular brass that is covered by a thin layer of nickel through electroplating. Nickel plating is corrosion resistant, it looks pretty and won't tarnish. We currently have both syles in stock. Please select which style you want from the drop down menu below.

Push-To Connect Banjo Swivel
99PCS-532-2 5/32 1/8 4.69
99PCS-4-2 1/4 1/8 4.77
99PCS-4-4 1/4 1/4 5.23
99PCS-5-2 5/16 1/8 4.96
99PCS-5-4 5/16 1/4 5.54
99PCS-5-6 5/16 3/8 7.49
99PCS-6-4 3/8 1/4 6.27
99PCS-6-6 3/8 3/8 7.68

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